What I want to give you

I want to give you a cut of the revenue share of the customers you send our way at Standupbot.com

How is this different from the other websites that give you referral codes to share?

We pay you for your help in cold hard cash. When you sign up for a subscription on a website they will usually give you a referral-code URL/link to share on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc… The URL makes it easy for you to share with your network and friends. If anyone signs up with your link, you’ll get some amount of money off your bill for that website. This is the case with most websites.

That sucks.

These websites are making money off your network of friends and they are only giving you (1) free month? Fuck that. And fuck them.

My offer to you

I’ve never been greedy. At most, I’ve been a total geek. That means I love to build software to solve problems. Obviously I want to make some sort of living from building software since that’s what I do and I love it very much. I also think it’s really fucked up for websites to ask you to hit up your personal networks and to only give you a free month’s service in return. I want to do the opposite. I want to help you have a piece of the “American Dream” by having you help generate money from Standupbot.com since it’s already built, it already works, and it already has enterprise customers.

I will be giving you a piece of the pie in cold hard cash. I can do this because I’m an army-of-one. I can give you revenue share and survive on whats left. I am also wanting to give you something for your kindness of getting your friends and network to signup.

The details of my crazy offer to you are:

  • You tell me what you want your custom referral code to be and Ill create one just for you
  • I will pay you in cold hard cash at the end of each current year (December 31)
  • I will pay you 30% of the revenue share from each person you get to signup for Standupbot.com
  • You will get 30% revenue share each time that person gets charged throughout the year (and youll get the check at the end of the year)
  • I will pay you via check in the mail since that is the cheapest way to get you your money. If I have to pay you over the internet, whatever service we use is going to take at least a 3% “convenience” fee and I can assure you that fee will be coming out of whatever it is I owe you. I will not pay a fee on top of the money I will be sending you.
  • I will give you the referral code even if you are not a customer of Standupbot.com

Simple math

For starters: you get to do the easy part. You don’t have to build the application, or build the brand, or manage anything about the business. All you have to do is share your referral link with people and you’ll get paid from anyone that becomes a paying customer (trials do not count, because no one is getting charged during a trial). With that said, the below might make more sense:

  • You send the link to 10 of your friends in January 1
  • 8 of those friends sign up for the $129/month plan on Standupbot.com
  • 3 of those friends cancel the subscription during their trial
  • 5 of those friends become paying customers for 24 months on Jan 15 (because our Trial period is 14 days)
  • On December 31 of the first year you will get a check for $7,095.
  • The following year, if you have not gotten anyone else to sign up, you’ll get $7,740. Not bad!

Contracts? No, I’m not trying to screw you

Nope. I’m already willing to write this and put it on the internet and tell everyone that I’m wanting to give them 30% revenue share per customer. What more do you need? I’m already being more honest about my business than the others asking for your help.

Here is another benefit for you

You get to say you get revenue share from a monthly recurring revenue web company. How badass is that gonna look on your LinkedIn profile? Or mentioning you have monthly recurring revenue from a SaaS product you’re involved in? You don’t have to be a programmer, CEO, or a co-founder. You get to do what you’re doing right now and have a little side business. Everyone wants that right? Here’s the opportunity. Don’t waste it.

If you have any questions, you can schedule a call with me by clicking here with me and I will answer them for you.

Want to get started right now without having anymore conversations?

If you want to get started right now, fill out this form (click here) or email me at corey@standupbot.com with the email Subject “I want a code”. I will reply with a custom code just for you and you can immediately start attempting to generate extra income by sending that link to people you think could use Standupbot.com!