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I want to find out why people are cancelling their subscriptions with Standupbot.

Why not use to follow up with cancelled accounts?

Right now I want to do it by hand to see what I need to do and say. I always want to see the response rate to make sure I won’t piss off people any further by constantly emailing them. My biggest fear of sending emails through is people will know it’s an automated email and they will probably delete it. When intercom sends an email it shows the sender as “Corey from”. How many people do you really think will open that shit? Not many. My decision is to send the emails from my personal email account. Plus, it won’t get stopped by Gmail too much since I’ve been using this email account for a long time and it’s legit

Tools to use for this

Gmail and Canned Responses

I’m going to send the first email from my Gmail account. I’m going to hand write it. The subject and the body. I’m going to create a “Canned Response” from that email so I can reuse my text over and over. Canned Responses are available in Gmail Labs here.


I’m going to use this to get the list of cancelled subscribers. The export .csv of customers with cancelled subscriptions only contains their plan size and their email and their company name since i’m exporting “Cancelled Subscriptoins”. If i were exporting Customer information within the Stripe interface, it would not include their subscription information.

I’m going to use to look up the customer and see if they had any past issues that they wrote in about. This way I can make sure I’m not writing an email asking someone for information I should already know. For the people that do have issues, I will attempt to see if I can tell them we’ve fixed whatever it was and see if I can get them back!

Google Forms!

Last minute, I thought of creating a Google Form to track who i’m contacting and when and on what platform. This way I can keep track of responses and I can trace back to which platform I wrote the person on. I might just reply to someone from within Intercom, Gmail, or LinkedIn.


I want to mix it up and see if I get better responses from certain channels.

The Process

I exported the list of subscriptions from Stripe. I opened the spreadsheet and started at the top. I took the first email address from that list and opened up my Google Form. The form has only five fields on it for input: Full Name, Email, Company, Plan Price, How did I send the email?. Immediately I enter the email address. If I can deduce the first and last name from the email, I’ll fill out the Full Name, too. Also the company, since the domain in the email address usually shows the company name. The name and company have to be verified though. Since the spreadsheet also has the plan price, I put that in the form too. In short, I fill out the form as much as I can first before I start doing any research. The reason I do this is so I beat it into my head the name and company of the person so I am familiar with this person. Most of the time, the Google Form is filled out except for the part of how I’m contacting the person.

After the form is filled out mostly, I want to verify the name, company, and if the person has had any issues they wrote in about. I switch over to and search by email for the current person. Once I confirm their name and company and they haven’t written in. I switch to Gmail now. I Compose a new email message and go to my canned responses to insert the template i wnat to use. Gmail uses the name of the Cannd Response for the Subject of your email. Its an annoying feature of the software. I want to be able to save the name of the Cannd Response as something much shorter than the long-ass Subject I have. I deal with it, though. It’s not as important as getting my customers back. I go through the Canned Response and replace “FIRST_NAME with the First name of the person I’m emailing currently.

Next up is the work: researching their company and possibly them so I can add some thing personalized to show that I actually sent this by hand and I was genuinely interested in what their company does. So I’ll go straight to their URL by using the domain in their email address. I’ll go research their company site and see if there is some way I can relate to them or perhaps relate their business to how Standupbot can solve a problem.

Once I review the email to make sure I didn’t leave any template variables I hit the ‘ole Send button and then go to the Google Form that I’ve filled out. I select the channel Ive responded to the person on, which in this case would be “Email”. I go ahead and submit the Form.

Eliminate, Automate, Delegate

After sending a couple of these emails by hand and doing it manually for the past 2 hours, I get to the next fun part of my job. I love to automate things if I can. First, I look over what I’ve been doing and ask what I can get rid of? I probably don’t

Improving the above work a couple of hours later

There are a few things that are slowing me down. Writing the email is not the hard part. Putting together all the information that i need to email these people is slowing me down. I do not want to use a “mass mailer”. I need to research the company still etc, so I’d like to spend any extra time researching the company and also the data they put into the system to see how they were using it. Maybe I can somehow get them back as customers if I can look at how they were interacting with