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I’ve been receiving feedback from cancelled accounts and it’s starting to sound repetitive with what past customers are telling me.

What am I asking customers that have cancelled?

It started with me sending an email with a basic question:

Hey, I'm the CEO of and I'm reaching out to you because you cancelled your subscription recently and I wanted to find out why incase there was something I could clear up that could persuade you to come back.

Why exactly did you cancel your subscription?

After sending the above email out to only two past customers, I realized I’m asking these people to do a bunch of work for me to give me an answer when they are busy with their day trying to get done what they need to. I modified my email to adding in a few high-level reasons that they could just scan real quick and pick one.

Good afternoon John,

I noticed you cancelled a couple weeks ago. Can I ask why you will not being using us? Are any of the reasons below why you don't want to continue:

* You cancelled your account with us way-back-when and still don't have a solution, but might want to re-sign up?

* You cancelled your account because it was too expensive, but maybe you'll sign back up if it's more afforadable?

* You cancelled your account and are using a competitor's software? If so, which one so I can go check out there product.

* You cancelled your account because you thought your team was too small to use our service?

* You cancelled your account because you stopped doing standups online and went back to face-to-face?

Any feedback whether it's good or bad is welcome since I'm the CEO and I need to figure out why people cancel so we don't make the same mistake twice.

Thanks John!

My results

The responses that started rolling in as I was emailing out started repeating the same thing. Past customers were telling me they were looking for the software to do something. The problem is, the software DOES what they are asking and that means I’m not doing a well enough job explaining the benefits of the system well enough. These customers are coming in, poking around and then not seeing what they want.

The Plan: create some basic marketing materials

Instead of taking screenshots of live data, I need to mock up a full standup with a full page of people so I can display that on the front page or any other marketing material. Once thats done, I can send that mock up via email and take a screenshot of that. This way now I have the information mocked up and can display freely without any past customer information in it. This is the current process, so it limits what I can send.