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The ability to generate the materials I need should be easy. The way the software is built, it isn’t so easy. I need to be able to generate a standup and then show that in an email.

The quick and dirty way

I can go to a standup report right now and download the html source. Once downloaded I can modify the html by hand to be the name of the team and fill in some dummy data and send that. But the email report is a little different. I want to show the email in Gmail so people see what it looks like.

The more time consuming way

Ideally I should be able to create the domain objects in memory and then render the webpage/dashboard html from the console and save the output into a file to open up in Chrome and take a screenshot. As far as the email goes, I should be able to submit the domain object(s) to the mailer and the email shows up in my email box and I can take a screenshot like that.

The entreprenuer says

Do it the quick and dirty way and see if that helps close the sale.

Make it easy to re-subscribe

I need to verify the team can re-subscribe quickly and easily. I need to look at the state of the data for that team before I send the email and make sure the test coverage mimics those settings and run the test and make sure theres nothing that breaks. It would really suck to do all this work to email the team just to lose them because they came back into the site and the re-subscribe process broke when they tried to give me their money again.