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We all have so many distractions during our day that time just slips away. It’s scary. We all have limited time here on earth and we should be spending our time on things we want or need to do. One of the reasons we get distracted so easily is our phones. Its no secret. We all have them in our hands all day, everday. The runner-up problem is that everytime we look at our phones, we see the time. Once we see what time it is we start to rush, or multi-task to get more done since the time on our phone shows 10AM. Once we start to multi-task, since we think that will help us get more done in a day, we actually get zero done. There is a way to trick yourself into having a long day and to get a lot more done than you think.

The solution is simple: put yourself on very strict no-looking-at-the-time today plan.

I call this a “time diet”. The trick is to prepare for it the night before. If you do not prepare the night before, it will be extremely hard to not see the time the next day when you aren’t paying attention after you first wake up.

Prepare your Laptop/Computer

The tool you use to work on all day, everyday is riddled with the time. I’m using Mac OSX right now. The biggest culprit is the time and date up in the right hand corner. You can this off in Time & Date in your System Preferences. Here is a link that shows you how

Your clocks/stove/microwave will get you too

Put a post-it note or a piece of paper over the clocks on your stove, microwave, or whatever else is in your kitchen or bathroom before you go to sleep tonight

Your house alarm

If you have a house alarm, it will probably show the time, so cover that up too incase you are the type that wakes up to go for a run in the morning.


Everyone thinks they can’t live without your phone these days, so thats a huge problem. The other big issue with the phone is that it constantly reminds you how much time you have left today. This makes us immediately think, “Oh god, it’s already X-pm, I need to get going”. Never do we think, “Wow, I’ve had a full day so far!”.

If I were you, I would just turn the phone off and not deal with it all together. Just from that suggestion you will probably have a anxiety attack. If so, this is why you need to go on a time diet. You’ll shed your FOMO (fear of missing out) and you’ll notice just how much you want to pick up your phone and look at it. But the second you hit any buttons, the time is staring you right in the face.

Added bonus

Anytime you pick up your phone or you want to look at it (but don’t!!!) put a mark down on a piece of paper so at the end of the day, you’ll have a visual reference of how many times you wanted to look at your phone. I bet it’s over 50 times.