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Book Review - When all else fails, sell

This book is a work of fiction that ties the idea of sales into it. Here are my big takeaways that I’d like to remember when I come back to read this review

You always have something to sell

The hard part about selling yourself, your product, or whatever service it is that you do, is remembering that you are good at things you already know how to do. Writing down all the little and big things you can do is a good start as to what you can sell.

Take care of your health

We’ve heard this over and over again. We need to be reminded since our willpower gets drained daily. Try not to drink too much, always eat healthy, and always do something to move your body each day. Discipline sounds like a dirty word, all it really means is: even if your day is fully scheduled out, you still do the things you absolutely need to do, no matter what.

Always present yourself as a badass (a professional badass)

It’s true, driving a nice car when doing sales will help you. Who wants to do business with someone that drives a prius when the guy after him shows up in a Lamborghini? Someone’s doing something right. (Honestly, the guy in the prius probably has a higher net worth)

We were born to succeed, not to fail. - Henry David Thoreau

Always have faith

God is good. I’m not a religious man (yet?), I get the idea though. The second you start thinking you’re the only one that made all this happen, you’re completely wrong and you’re going to go down for it.

If you’re not extremely religious like I am (I do have my beliefs) then at least thank the universe daily, that’s what I do.

Integrity, character, and honesty

Most business people do business with integrity etc… Lots of money can be made by doing the right thing all the time. The guys who cut corners usually end up in prison. When it comes to contracts and handshakes, handshake deals are the best if you can find them.

Obstacles always have solutions

When someone tells you “no”, thats an obstacle. You can figure out a solution to turn that “no” into something else.

Admit your mistakes

Always learn from your mistakes and then move on hastely. Life is too short to dwell. I’ve learned that the hardway.

Stop procrastinating

There is a mountain of shit to be done. Just do it until there isn’t.

These days, beat the pavement

In a world ruled by e-mail, text messages, and social media it’s too easy to send a message through those channels. The guy who does it old school and shows up on-site to do sales, well, his wallet says “Bad Motherfucker” on it.