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Ryan Serhant is part of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York since its first season in 2012.

In this vlog, that I came across randomly while eating my lunch at home and drinking a Hoegaarden, I wanted to start writing about the videos I watch with the takeaways.

Takeaways from this video:

  1. He’s attractive.
  2. Plans the night before
  3. Wakes up early. This is something a lot of “successful people” do. My belief as to why everyone wakes up so god damn early is because it just yields “more time” in the day. If me and someone else are driving a car 60mph and we start from the same starting line on the highway, and we have the same car, with the same options, and both cars weigh the same amount including us in them, if we started at the same time, if I drove for 10 hours and you drove for 6 hours, who’s gone farther? Simple math.
  4. He works out like a beast in the morning not to be healthy, but to know thats the hardest part of his day. Dealing with someone thats pissed off is EASIER than his workout. It’s a mental thing.
  5. He breaks up his day into: Finder, Keeper, Do’er (explain these later)
  6. Someone else drives him, to remove the commute time means he can do other things in that time like eat
  7. Someone delivers all his meals to him when he gets to work, so he does not have to spend time making them, going to get them or putting them together.
  8. He works til late as fuck, I don’t want to do this, do you?
  9. He has and is continuing to build an audience

Overall, it’s not much different than any other successful person. These things are basic habits.

Finder, Keeper, Do’er

Ryan breaks his day up into 3 buckets: Finder, Keeper, Do’er.

Finder Bucket

These are tasks that will result in finding new customers. This means cold emails, meetups, creating content for marketing etc…

Keeper bucket

These are tasks that build the relationship with your current customers. Things like sending Thank You cards to current customers, or anything along those lines.


This is the work. This is the day-to-day bullshit you have to do to get paid. In his case, moving any documents forward in a sales process or closing process.