Corey Grusden home

We woke up around 630AM and got the van ready. We started driving. We ended up stopping at a starbucks only about an hour into the drive because Bree had to do her phone call at 9AM. I worked with Jon and did some other shit in the Starbucks for 2 hours. We stayed for 2 hours, because bree had another call in 2 hours, at 11AM, and I figured it was just easier to stay in one spot for 2 hours instead of running around, packing up and re-setting up at some other starbucks. She gets extremely worked up when the time is getting close, she is still new to this remote-working-game, she’ll get the hang of it soon, she’s a smart girl.

We ended up driving at 60mph (this is where the van stays when in cruise control, unless the speed limit is slower). We stopped in Tallahassee to pick up groceries for the next two days or so, I dropped Bree off at the Trader joes and I went to the Wells Fargo to make a deposit since Jon (Bubbl) gave me a cash payment. He stiffed me on $75 though. This is the last time I ‘help’ someone. I realize why I stopped doing it, you will get taken advantage of when it comes to offering whatever it is you do freelance to someone else.

We switched driving, Bree drove for a couple hours, then we ended up switching back at the next rest stop. I got anxious as hell because I knew we were going through a short underwater tunnel at Mobile, AL. I put the visor down in the van so I wouldn’t see the “Tunnel” signs on the side of the highway as we approached the tunnel. We were racing to get to Cafe Du Monde (north of Lake Champlaigne), we made dinner, which consisted of tuna fish sandwiches and a small salad before we got beignets. We ordered 1 order of them, which is 3 little donuts. Bree ended up hearing a tiny kitten meowing, somehow her bionic hearing allowed her to hear this thing from across a busy road, which means she has perfect hearing. She doesnt listen to me worth a shit!

We tried to find the little guy, which we did. We left our Target bowl for him with some water in it and tuna fish from the unopened can. I think that was good enough. Bree was distraught. We ended up driving away to the Cracker Barrel and I promised bree we would check on him in the AM. I remembered the manager at Cafe Du Monde said she had a couple cats, so we stopped there and I told her about the kitten. She said this was the nicest parish when it comes to animals, so hopefully someone will take care of the little guy. We are parked at the Cracker Barrel for our first official night on the road, in the van, in the new build and it’s awesome. I’m able to work comfortably at the desk on the bench while she sleeps in the bed!

Ok, signing off, Austin TX tomorrow.