Corey Grusden home

We woke up super early to go find the little kitten. We got back to his location and he wasn’t there. Let’s hope his mom came and got him. We went to Cafe Du Monde and got beignets again, this time I actually ate them while they were warm. After that we shot over to Starbucks to get some hot water for our coffee cups so we could make our own coffee / tea and then hit the road.

We drove for a bit then switched so I could work and then we drove for a bit til we got to Buc Ee’s in Texas. Holy jesus this was a huge gas station. I bought some Buc Ee’s chips, glorified potato chips and we were on our way. We didn’t want to attempt to eat anything from there, even though thats “the thing to do”, all the food is unhealthy for you.

We drove and drove and finally got about 30 minutes outside of Austin and we passed by Back 9 Bar. It was a driving range with a bar. We did u-turn and checked it out. Unfortunately, they don’t rent clubs out, so we immediately left so we could come to Austin.

We got to our campground and it’s in an awesome location! Right downtown in Austin. We walked to a nearby Brewery after we got setup in the van. We ended up having 2 beers and splitting an appetizer of brussel sprouts and splitting a pulled-pork sandwich. It was delicious.

We were pretty tanked, so we came back to the campground and tried to take showers, but we didn’t have the combination to the bathroom door locks. We just passed out in the van.