Corey Grusden home

We woke up today and decided to walk into downtown and get coffee. I was going to work at a local cafe, and Bree was going to go grocery shopping. It was going to rain today, so it was somewhat of a pain in the ass to plan around the rain. We ended up riding a BIRD scooter into downtown, always a good time, and we dropped them off as soon as we got to Epoch Coffee. We quickly decided to try a different coffeeshop today. We walked to Juan Portola Cafe (its a bicycle shop, too, smart marketing!). We got coffee and Bree ended up leaving me so I could work. She went to check out the farmers market that we saw while walking up to the caoffeshop.

She dended up going to Traders JOes after she left the farmers market. I We had talked about trying out the plant-based burgers at Whole Foods the day before, so when wshe was done at Tranders Joes, sh seshe went to Whole Foods to get soem somap. When she got there she tetxted me to let me know she was there and to see if I wanted to try the plant-based brurgers at HelloFresh at NextLevel Burgers inside of WhooleFoods. I went to meet her, we got the bruregers, baked taots, and a coconut chocoloate milk shake. Holy fucking hsit all of that food was good.

We both jumped in an Uber back to teh van with the groceries . I went to the coffeeshop down the road, so i could get a little bit more work done before calling it a day, again. I really a m lazy as fuck these days. Im just uninspired to work on anything unless its for myself. Everyone elses programs fucking suck. I should probably just get a job.

After putting the groceries away, we decided to go check out a “fair”. We took Luna and jumped in an Uber and went on the otherside of I35. It’s almost like the other side of the tracks kinda situation. It was a cool fair. I ended up chilling on the sidelines with Luna, while Bree walked around, and there was a dude already sitting there that I chatted with. His wife had a little booth that she was selling athletic clothing out of. He talked to me about Marfa, Big Bend, and Fredericksburg, Tx. He said Fredericksburg was the best out of all three. Big Bend is great, but it’s hot as fuck and is extremely wilderness-like. He said Marfa is cool, for a day.

We ended up leaving that Fair and walking down to Rainey street. I’ll admit, I fucked up and navigated us incorrectly, so we went about a mile out of our way in the heat and humidity, with Luna, wandering Downtown Austin. We finally made it to Rainey street and found one of the quieter bars with outside seating so we could chill with Luna and be out of the way of the madness. I got Bree a Sangria and myself a markers and ginger-beer. Honestly, I have no clue why we drink alcohol, probably boredom, either way it’s a waste of money if it’s not enjoyed properly. We drank our drinks and decided we had enough people watching and wanted to go to Loro to check it out. We grabbed an eCab, an electric cab, it’s $5/person, since it’s electric they don’t charge mileage. The guy said it would be $10/each to take us to Loro, so we told him to just drop us off at the YETI Flagship store. We had to buy a cup with a straw anhyway. We bought the cup and the straw ($49 total for a fucking cup), but YETI has an outside bar (more drinking) and when you buy a cup (because they’re expensive as fuck) you can get a free drink outside if you show your receipt. We did that. After we shared the free beer, we jumped into another Uber since we deicded to drop Luna off at the van and we would go to Loro so Luna could chill in the a/c in the van ‘cause she was hot.

We took the BIRD scooter’s to Loro, it was about 1.2miles away, but super accessible from the campground, it was a straight shot. We got to Loro and ended up not waiting very long to get a table inside. It’s BBQ/Asian fusion. We got the brisket, the thai chicken, crunchy sweet corn fritters, and chocolate mouse, it was all god damn delicious. We shouldn’t have ordered that much. We could have done with either the chicken or the brisket, not both.

We left there, scootered back to the van, took Luna for a walk, and then called it a night.