Corey Grusden home

Today was different. Its a sunday. Bree and I woke up and went for a 2 mile or so jog/run with Luna. It was extremely humid. We ran down to the water from the campground and came up on Zilker park. There were a ton of dogs playing, so we let Luna off about 1/8 mile away and she ran top-speed towards the dogs. It only took a few minutes before she was overheating. Panting like a madman, we made sure to take her over to the water fountain to get some water. We ended up running some more and over the little foot bridge north of the campground. When we came back east, we stopped at Epoch coffee and both got coffees and I got the little vegan muffin. The barista dropped some knowledge on me about how almond milk will curdle in iced-coffee(s) and said the Oat milk doesn’t curdle as much. Bree tried that. We ended up talking to a couple that had just finished a big run. They were nice. They let us know about a few spots to eat while we were visiting. Lamberts BBQ and La Barbeque came up, so that was cool.

When we got back, we got showered and both hopped into an Uber. It was cool to utilize the uber to drop us both off at different places. I got dropped off at Home Depot and she went on to her friends house about 30 minutes away. Today my mission was to fix the sink. The plumbing guy was extremely helpful.

I got red-hot-blue-cement for PVC, and some sealant for the threading and some clear tubing. I ended up fixing the sink today ,that was great. Unfortunately I didn’t get much work done, didn’t want to do anything. I know I need to step on the gas this week, money runs out, so don’t be a bitch and not do stuff, but also don’t overdue it.

I ended up checking out Casa De Luz, it was an interesting experience to say the least. It was like a meditation temple, but its a restaurant. It is all 100% plant-based, no meat, no chemicals, all vegetables. You pay your $14 when you enter, and you get soup, salad, and a dish full of macronutrients. It is definitely acquired.

I came back to hang with Luna, finish up the sink, and go to the bathroom and shower. It’s been a chill day while Bree has been gone at her friends house. We definitely need to figure out a way to get some separation. I think a whole separate tent would be awesome.

Ok, about to sign off. This week should be fun, we’ll do more outside, for sure.