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  1. When you are driving through downtown and want to catch all the green lights, you go justa bit faster.
  2. When you are approaching a red-light and you know it’ll turn green soon, so you don’t fully stop, you just start slow down before you gun-it
  3. When you want to turn right and you are only looking at oncoming traffic to your left
  4. When someone cuts you off and you are pissed and you ride their ass
  5. When someone changes lanes and comes extremely close to your left front bumper
  6. A dog runs out in the road
  7. A cat runs out in the road
  8. A kid runs out in the road
  9. Someone on a bicycle runs out in the road
  10. Someone on a skateboard runs out in the road
  11. Someone in front of you slams on their brakes
  12. Someone on a BIRD/Lime/Jump scooter swerves from the bike lane into your lane in front of you
  13. Someone on a BIRD/Lime/Jump scooter is entering the intersection you’re about to go through
  14. No more gas needed
  15. Quieter, no more loud exhausts or engines
  16. Less parking lots taking up valuable space
  17. Walking into a store isn’t as dangerous
  18. When driving in the rain, you won’t worry, the car knows where other cars are
  19. When driving in fog, the car knows where other cars are
  20. When driving at night, the car will know about all the animals that can potentially jump out into the road
  21. Can automatically navigate the best possible route at that second around accidents (if there are anymore accidents!)
  22. The car will know about everything around it
  23. Long distance driving can now be a personal hotel suite that you can sleep/eat/etc… in while you go coast-to-coast non-stop