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How to delegate expert AF

Everyone online always says “Just force yourself to do it”

For some odd reason the cliche when asking someone how to delegate they always say, “Just force yourself to delegate everything you do everyday”. What the fuck does that mean? I get the concept, but we live in a world of concrete examples.

WTF does that mean?

We humans are terrible at discipline that’s why there are entire bookshelfs in bookstores filled with self-help books on how to get something done. Thats also why we have “project managers” in the office space these days.

When I hear “just force yourself to do it” I realized you have to find out whatever it is you do everyday that you can remove that requires you to figure out a way to get the work done. Think of any tradesman, this seems extreme and don’t do this at home, but imagine if they took a hammer to one of their hands, now they’re out of commission. Theres a better way I’m sure, but it illustrates the point of taking whatever tool you use the most during the day to get your job done out of the equation and find a way to still get the work done.

Wait until your laptop or computer needs servicing

For tech workers or anyone that works remote like we do, any of our electronics are at stake. Our phone, laptops, iPads, etc.. I write code and email and all that fancy shit, so my laptop is usually the go-to tool.

My laptop, just like everyone else’s though, has issues that need to be fixed, I just haven’t taken it into Apple to get fixed because they will take my laptop for three to five business days. That’s a long fucking time to be without the tool that I use to do my work. If I had a business account with Apple they would give me a “loaner” laptop to continue working, but fuck that, I want to make this work.

Get it scheduled

First things first, I schedule an appointment and take my laptop to Apple for them to run their diagnostics etc… They have to do this and they do it every single time, too. Once its figured out that the laptop battery needs replacing, they take all the information down and ask to take my laptop, but I say “no” immediately. I tell them I’ll bring it back in a few days before I give it to them.

Give yourself five days to figure out how to get the work done

Now that I have all the paperwork done and the service request ready to go to be able to drop off my laptop whenever I want, I can focus on the task at hand: How can I get the work done in the three to five days that Apple will have my laptop?

Anything and everything, now is the time to use it

Once this happened, I started taking stock in everything I worked on and what I used in the past five days or so. I banged out a bulleted list of things I’ve done in the past few days. Most have been vague like: respond to emails, read emails, respond to customer service, etc…

Anyone can do that if they have some sort of customer-service focused skillset. So I created a job post for a personal assistant. I didn’t quite have a plan, but I figured I’d build the parachute on the way down like usual.

Conclusion, the world did not blow up

You get the gist, long-story-short is, I didn’t care anymore, I just hired someone to do the things I had a hard time letting someone else because of trust issues etc, but it doesn’t fucking matter, nothing blows up and the world doesn’t end.

By creating a sense of urgency for my self and making it tangible I was able to get through the mental barriers and self-limiting thoughts I was creating for myself to finally free myself from the bullshit I didn’t need to be doing and did it earlier than I thought I ever would.