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It’s hard as fuck to sleep these days. Why is that? You can read Dr. Matt Walker’s book Why We Sleep (and I highly suggest it) to learn the science behind it. It’s extremely informative.

The things I learned from that book were easy to understand, but hard to put into practice mostly because of our society today. It seems like most things that are bad for our health and longetivity all point back to something society has come up with or imposed in the last 60 years.

Last night, was awesome. I got ready for bed because I stopped eating at 230PM since Im trying to “eat less” these days. It’s good for longevity, apparently.

I brushed my teeth, flossed, and got into bed around 7. I had my phone with me, but I had a few things I was researching, so it was OK I think for the time being. Then I talked to my buddy Donnie about a few topics in the self-defense realm of things. And then I put my phone down, turned off the lights and laid in bed with my eyes open for what felt like 3-4 hours.

Either way, I ended up going to sleep and woke up at 530AM. It was glorious. I wasn’t “tired” like usual. I laid in bed for a solid 30 minutes not wanting to go for a run, which I’m trying to do on certain days of the week and stick to it, and I finally said “fuck it”.

I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, strapped on my shoes and watch, and just walked out the door to get my run done.

It was awesome because by the time I got back at 635AM, I took my shower, downed some vitamins and sad at my computer and read a few articles while I drank more water and watched the light come in from the windows. The sun still wasn’t up.

I read some more, opened up Hackernews, which I haven’t done in years, and read a few articles that had an interesting title. And it was around 830AM. I made my eggs, microwaved the bacon I cooked this past weekend and froze, and came to the coffee shop to do something “New”. I sat down to write short articles about everything I learned yesterday, or that stuck in my mind.