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Ive seen this movie a thousand times. The more money you start to make, the more you start to upgrade your lifestyle. The key is to be comfortable in your lifestyle for awhile before you make the money.

Once you find your groove with what you have when you get your first $25,000 job, you keep that lifestyle. Even if you’re dating someone, you keep it and if they can’t jive with it, well, that’s their problem.

When you start to make more money you’ll hear things from your friends like, “You make enough money now, you can buy a nice watch”, etc… If you don’t like wearing watches, or if you’re current watch is still serving its purpose for you, theres no damn reason to get a new one just because someone tells you to.

The second you start down that path, it’s a slippery slope. Theres no going back when as you upgrade your lifestyle. Because you get used to it.

Don’t do it. Just save your money. And it’s OK not to do the things your other friends do if thats not your style. Just stick to being you and doing the things you do.