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Cytokine storms, the cause for deaths?

I invest in things. Lots of things. To make money in investing, you have to understand the nuts and bolts of not only business basics, you also have to understand how the business works that you’re looking into. That means becoming someone that could actually go in and hit-the-ground-running if you had to become an employee there and most any level.

Investing in Bio/pharmaceutical companies means you damn near have to be able to talk to a doctor face-to-face about certain things and know exactly what you’re both talking about.

The case with Cytokine storms and the companies building drugs to combat them is an interesting problem.

We, from a global perspective, have all experienced COVID (the ‘rona’) for the roughly the past 2 years at the time of this writing. We’ve learned a lot about it and mostly still know nothing.

So far from my research, since I’m just now diving into a company I’m hoping to put money into soon, they develop a drug that fights cytokine storms. The kicker is, they’ve been developing this drug way before COVID showed up. In fact, they’ve been working on it for more than five years.

They’re just now getting to the stage where they can get it approved by the FDA.

This short article is serving as cliff notes of what I’ve learned so far about cytokine storms.

When you have an infection, or virus, your body recognizes this and your “B-Cells” (B cells, mature in the bone marrow, are responsible for antibody-mediated immunity.) are created and attach to the virus cells. The b-cells act as little flags and plant themselves onto the virus cells so other cells know which cells to attack.

Your T-Cells, and others, start attacking any cell that has the B-Cell’s attached to it. The T-cells get their instructions from cytokines, which are created from all cells involved in the immune response.

Cytokines will tell your body to create more B-Cells, or T-Cells, but the problem starts when those new B or T cells are created. They may start creating cytokines immediately, and now the process repeats itself at a fast rate.

That’s where the issue lies. Your immune system creates more cytokines from its immune response, and those cytokines tell the body to create new proteins to attack the virus, and those new proteins immediately start creating new cytokines, and the body gets stuck in this cycle at an extremely fast rate.