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Diagramming business processes

I’m a big fan of writing things out. It gets a bit verbose most of the time though. And it can be a lot to digest if you’re trying to build your business and improve it at the same time. Looking at pretty pictures quickly that show you what is going on is a little better than trying to read fifteen pages of process documents.

When working with a business consulting customer recently, he’s an engineer and engineers do really well by looking at diagrams and plans. After six months of consulting, I was taking a shower and realized I should bust out a few workflow diagrams to show what business processes we’ve worked on and the current one we’re working on.

After spending an hour thinking through the first process I was diagramming, I realized it took me longer than expected to diagram it because I had to think through the steps and question each step. Creating workflow diagrams I now see the value in them. It’s taken me twenty-years to see it, but I see it now.

My belief on when to do diagrams is after you’ve started some basic processes. This way you can quickly make the diagrams and see how it’s all working currently from thirty thousand feet.