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Nord Stream Pipelines

Nord Stream 1

Nord Stream 1 is partially owned by Gazprom.

Twin pipelines. Run from Baltic Sea in russia to Germany. 760 miles long. Pumps 55b cubic meters of gas a year. . Line 1 started in Apr 2010. Completed in June 2011. Took 14 months. It started pumping in November 2011, about 5 months later.

Line 2 started in May 2011. Completed in April 2012. 11 months to complete. Started pumping in October 2012. 6 months later.

The oil field in western Siberia (Russia), is operated by Gazprom.

Nord Stream 2

Nordstream 2 is owned and planned by Nord Stream 2 AG who is wholly owned by Gazprom.


Nord Stream AG