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Be aware of your surroundings in social settings

People in the United States usually respond with “I should not have to worry about what I say!” when someone else tells them to watch what they say in public.

It’s not a freedom thing. It’s a: what-if-theres-a-family-with-kids-trying-to-enjoy-a-nice-meal out kinda thing.

I don’t care what people talk about. I never have, never will. That’s what makes America great. The problem I have with people talking about things in general, is just being aware of your surroundings. Sometimes a super rowdy and loud group that is making the most noise in a restaurant, isn’t aware of other people that are eating dinner there. There could be people celebrating someones 80th birthday and that person may not be there next year.

Or someone on a first date and they’re trying to get to know each other.

Whatever it is, other people want to also enjoy their night out and theres only one restaurant you’re at. Just be aware of your surroundings and speak softly if you can.