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The Zen Master says “We’ll see”

It’s funny, when I was programming full-time, no one really asked my opinion on things. Mostly because programming doesn’t help most people make money for retirement. The garbage man doesn’t care about programming. The flight attendant doesn’t really care about programming.

The stock market, everyone can participate in that to help their retirement. Now that I’ve been more involved in the investing side of things, and mostly the stock market for the time being, everyone asks me my opinion on things going on in the world. They want the next hot stock tip.

It doesn’t really matter what question I get asked, I always respond with “We’ll see”. Just like the old story about the Zen Farmer.

This story is great and applies to this situation. Most of the time, it’s 50/50 if something will work out. Long-term a stock can work out more often than not. Again, you have to pick the right one from research and stuff. Most of the time, a stock is a bull in a china shop on a daily basis.

So I just respond with, “We’ll see”.