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buy the ticket take the ride

I’ve been dealing with anxiety for awhile. Only until recently two or so years ago did i take it seriously to cure myself of it. I’m not 100% there, but im definitely in the 90% range. No longer do i carry my xanax around, or even pack it. The process is the key. In anything. Its a process to take a plane flight, you gotta do the step of buying the ticket first to take the ride.

Hunter S Thompson was the one that came up with the saying “buy the ticket take the ride”. I can only imagine it was because he was on the opposite end of anxiety. He was adventure seeking. Either way you take it, life and all the things in it are a process. No need to rush to learn guitar. No need to rush to do anything, just do the first step.

I apply this saying to flying in a plane. I’ve not been on a commercial flight in 6 years because of debilitating anxiety around the plane flight, which come to find out during some EMDR therapy, it had nothing to do with the plane itself. It was all the shit going on in my life before I even stepped foot on the damn thing.

The first step is to buy the ticket so you can take the ride.

Quotes are great things to live by. This one is one of those special ones. I have a list of quotes I live by on this website you can check out and reference daily or weekly or whenever you come to some point in life and need to hear something from the greats. My quotes